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How might we enable travelers to better conceptualize, visualize, and share potential travel itineraries with one another?


Travel Builder—A mobile app that provides users with a visual language that allows them to build and store potential itineraries, share with fellow travelers, and propose or address varying options.


Individual Passion Project
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Mobile Interaction Design

Two weeks

Individual Passion Project

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InVision

Note: This project is currently ongoing. This page will be frequently updated in February 2019.


01: Define

Travel is more than an interest of mine, it’s a passion. The ability to explore and learn, while being able to witness a different way of life is a very rewarding experience for me.

With our interconnected society, everyone has busy schedules and friends and relatives all spread all over the globe. Traveling together is a great way to stay connected with those busy or friends in another city, however the logistics of planning travel while apart can be complicated.

How might we enable travelers to better conceptualize, visualize, and share potential travel itineraries with one another?

02: Research & Insights

I spoke with a number of friends and peers about their travel planning experiences and preferences. I wanted to get a sense of how their plans come to fruition.

What piece of the puzzle do we most often start with? What comes next? Is our tendency to:

While it is helpful to know how travelers form their travel plans, it is also important to build a solution that can account for all of the various ways that people plan.

03: Concept Development & Ideation

Taking into account the project goals and the insights from my research, I sketched some potential designs for the mobile app. The features included:

04: Low Fidelity Prototypes

05: High Fidelity Design

06: Visual Design Language

I view travel as a world full of color and contrast. I wanted this project to speak to that observation. I wanted strong and bold colors to show through and to use my photography to bring the screens to life in the hope of further motivating and engaging with the user.

07: Conclusions

While there are a plethora of apps and websites that allow users to store travel itineraries, I felt like the focus of building a travel experience with a close (or not so close) friend could use some help.

I have become more aware of all of the minor details that go into travel, some that we may not be aware of until the day of travel. But I feel that the more we can to do help the user prepare and understand what is needed, they will be more capable of making a fully informed decision during the planning stage, not standing on a street corner frantically looking through their phone for more information.

If I can make this process easier and more helpful, this will have all been worth it.

February 5, 2018