Educating Environmental Activists

In Progress


To examine ways that artificial intelligence can augment human intelligence in education.


(In progress) Our team is looking at how volunteers and environmental activists can better connect with one another, and we’re working to determine the precise aspect of education to focus on.

Semester long course for Interaction Design Studio II and Research Methods Courses

Adrian Galvin, Laura Rodriguez-Eng, Mary Tsai

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Keynote

Key Features

  • Learning about good educational practices and defining what AI is to us through lectures and literature reviews
  • Gained insight into environmental advocacy groups and how they function through many interviews
  • Currently preparing a participatory workshop with stakeholders and students who have no volunteering history to understand why some people volunteer their time and others do not
  • Exploring many research methods in order to make better sense of the data that we’ve collected thus far and the data we have yet to collect


Our team is investigating how AI and learning can help with environmental advocacy.

We’re looking at the average person who is not currently a volunteer. We seek to understand why some people volunteer their time and why others don’t. Conversely, why are some people so exuberant regarding the matter?

Thus far, we have interviewed over 15 people who work or serve in environmental organizations. We have gained a much better understanding of how they operate and what their needs are.

For our next step, we aim to stage a co-design workshop with people from the Carnegie Mellon campus community and local environmental groups. We are curious to see how they might work through some problems together. These issue may include but aren’t limited to recruitment, education, personal growth, and legitimately making a difference.

Our territory map below goes into greater detail of the classifications of organizations and types of people we are interested in working with. We aim to utilize several research methods in our workshop. We will have our users create a timeline, perform a card sort, and create a magic device that can solve one of the problems that organizations may be experiencing.

January 3, 2018